The Future of Recruitment: Robotics or Humans?

Previously recruitment was a completely human responsibility, hence the name human resources. But now hiring has completely changed from telephones and heaps of resumes to Artificial Intelligence and Bots. As automation continues to seep into the workforce, what does the future of recruiting hold for us? Is robotics going to replace humans or will humans combat the robotic invasion? According to a survey of more than 500 HR leaders, 77% were of the opinion that Artificial Intelligence will accelerate the decision making process and improve employee productivity in 15 years.

Looking at the Humans and Robots coworking for a smart future of recruitment!

Why Recruitment Needs a Human Touch?

Recruitment, a process deeply embedded in human interaction, customization and connection, is difficult to imagine without human intervention. After all, it is a recruiter who can find the right candidate and their in-depth knowledge of the difficult appeals is involved in recruiting. Complete that with robotic process automation or eliminating human biases in AI and the future of recruitment can be re-invented.

Streamline Candidate Sourcing and Screening with Automation

Recruitment involves a series of repetitive and tedious tasks that render humans ineffective. Glassdoor reports that an average job advertisement receives 250 resumes. These numbers increase to thousands as the company brand grows. There are possibilities that an average recruiter spends 23 hours verifying resumes for only one job. Instead of sifting through piles of resumes, recruiters can spend time on tasks that need a human touch.

Technologies like artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation can spend only an hour a day sourcing and screening candidates. Recruiters can concise areas where human efforts are deployed and optimize multiple recruitment processes by allowing recruitment automation to do the daily grinds. As a result, the time to hire and cost per hire can be reduced and the burden of talent acquisition is also eliminated.

Human with Automation Streamlines Interview and Final Selection

Human Touch is vital in certain areas of recruitment such as interviews, providing feedback and final level of selection. Although Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation can do resume parsing and candidate shortlisting based on the skills and qualifications, only humans can identify the right candidates. Though the interview process is automated, candidates expect a human to be on the other side in an interview room. Candidates’ experience in the overall process can be elevated by technology but always needs a human to personalise the experience. While technology can facilitate vital data for candidate selection, only humans can make the right decision.

Human Robot Traverse

Undoubtedly robotics can be applied to a wide range of recruitment tasks to streamline the overall process. For instance, AI in background checks can verify the candidate data across a huge database but only human recruiters can identify if the candidate possesses the right personality. Robots in recruitment can save a great deal of time, which can be used to fine-tune other complex tasks and key fields. When used effectively, robotics can help hiring managers with manual and repetitive tasks and enables humans to focus on critical tasks. When Human and Robotics cross over, the recruitment process can be reimagined taking it to the next level. The reach of robotics in HR is growing and is not limited to specific elements within an organization.

Advances in robotic automation in Human Resource highlights the changing role of HR staff in the recruitment process. Some experts think that AI and automation in HR will either kill jobs or create new ones. But the reality is that the move towards automation will create more jobs, where many new roles will crop up.

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