Streamline the approval process for purchase order with Bautomate purchase order automation

Fully automate your purchase order process with Bautomate

Bautomate is the most intuitive purchase order automation tool on the market. Automating the approval process helps companies save time and money by avoiding unnecessary delays, rejected POs, and additional costs that come with manual review systems. Fewer errors, stronger control of purchase orders, and increased production.

Success Stories

Check how Bautomate optimized PO Process for a Thread Manufacturing Company

Core Automation Capabilities

Printing, Scanning, Signing - Go Paperless!

Flexible and Scalable that grows with your business needs

Highest Accuracy in Content Extraction from any data forms

No Code Automation to Quickly integrate with any ERP or business system

Automate the workflow based on the relevant SLA

Match POs 2 Way/3 Way with corresponding invoice and purchase requests

Exceptions are forwarded to approvers to validate with one-click approval on any device

Data is double-checked using an extensive rule engine

AI-Powered that gets trained to perform better every day

Increase turnover by about 10% in a couple of weeks with our tailor-made solution.

Purchase Order Automation

Eliminate tedious tasks and increase efficiency with automation

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    Frequently asked questions

    Purchase Order Automation is the way to use an automated platform to automate and enforce the approval process of purchase orders. Centralized software will automatically transmit a purchase order to the team member responsible for being reviewed and approved.
    An automated purchasing system uses a Web service or any other type of technology or interface that can provide prices from multiple approved vendors for the convenience of customers. This technology is usually employed for enterprise resource management (ERP) for large-scale purchasers in various industries.
    The purchase department creates the purchase order, which outlines what they require from the vendor. If the vendor has the stocks to fulfill the order and accepts an order for purchase, process it, and ship the goods by the agreed due date. The supplier will issue the buyer a sales invoice or bill for purchased items.
    Purchase Module assists in generating purchase orders by analyzing the supplier and billing. It is tightly linked to the finance, inventory, and manufacturing planning modules.

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