Why Intelligent Automation Is Imperative For HR Management

Intelligent Automation (IA) is capable of transforming Human Resources (HR) by fostering innovation. Although technology is the driving force btehind IA, people-focused strategy will determine the success of your IA initiative. It can enable HR staff to make more informed decisions, helps them to achieve more with less and defines their focus to a more strategic thinking from a manual repetitious process.


What is Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation integrates artificial intelligence and automation to allow machines to detect, understand, learn and act either individually or with human aid. Unlike typical automation or robotic process automation, IA allows machines to not only replicate manual activity, but also make smart decisions like a human would. It can understand the complete process and variations to make smarter decisions.

Intelligent Automation Improves HR Management in Several Ways

Intelligent automation helps the HR team achieve operational agility and enhanced employee experience. Intelligent HR automation is an essential step in helping your team achieve increased productivity with existing resources. It strengthens HR processes and delivers a digital transformation journey, enabling human teams to concentrate on the work that counts the most. There are several ways in which it improves the HR Management process,

Effortless Hiring:

Automated HR recruitment now includes artificial intelligence to help companies understand the quality of their candidates beyond their resumes. It has the capability to screen candidates just as a human recruiter does and beyond. This may mean screening several thousand resumes for a particular role streamlining the hiring process effortlessly.

Enhanced Candidate Experience:

Artificial intelligence is already emerging in HR processes through bots. Companies that interact with prospective candidates with bots can answer their questions, guide applicants through the application process and perhaps even assist in the resume screening process and providing feedback. Natural Language Processing used in bots helps in real time feedback and answers to qualified candidates.

Automated File Management:

The HR department handles a lot of paperwork, they manage multiple types of files which might make HR staff stressed out in handling large volumes of documents. Background Verification, resumes, financial and insurance forms and a lot of other documents needs to be kept tracked of and organized. The Optical Character Recognition equipped data storage services help here. When files are saved with the help of OCR data storage, the contents of the files are indexed which facilitates search and organize regardless of where they are stored in the database.

Better Compliance:

Many of the day-to-day responsibilities of HR staff fall under tasks such as filing documents, audit regulations and repeat similar compliance activities throughout the day. Machine Learning can be used to verify forms are completed accurately and in a timely manner, automatically verifying against any necessary regulations.

Get Started with HR Transformation Journey

Automating the entire process with Intelligent automation not only will relieve the HR workforce but provides tremendous benefits such as reducing the cost of your business and increasing the overall visibility of the HR operations. Take the first step in building an Intelligent ecosystem in your HR department with Bautomate’s HR automation solution. Request a demo right away to start the HR transformation process with Bautomate.

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