Become a solution partner with Bautomate to digitally modernize business operations

Allow functional users in any field to use AI-driven tools to streamline the most time-consuming and error-prone processes in their workplaces.

Solution Partners

We collaborate closely with these partners to integrate the Bautomate platform into their products and services, to personalise solutions for their clients, and to provide extra services that maximise the potential for development and profit.

Training on the Bautomate platform is provided to solution partners in order to equip them to offer a comprehensive range of client support services, including technical consultation, application development, systems integration, and training. In addition to this, Bautomate provides its partners with specific sales support, chances for joint marketing, training, and inclusion in the company’s partner directory.

Crush Growth and
Profit Margin Targets

Transform the way in which your customers carry out the automation of their business processes while simultaneously introducing another source of recurring revenue. By increasing your profits and broadening your customer base with our pricing structure, you will have more capital available to use toward business expansion.

Predictive Analysis
Decision Flexibility

Make client insight dashboards fully configurable, including key performance metrics. Business leaders can make better decisions more quickly and establish a competitive advantage for their companies by obtaining important information from data that is updated in near real time.

Find Modern Technology

AI technology developed by Bautomate that is capable of handling any kind of functional procedures and is not restricted to rules or templates. After more than four years of development and training on more than a half a million production orders, Bautomate has changed the way automation is performed by using a low-code/No code platform to quickly realise your processes' functionality and reaches up to 95% AI accuracy. This has allowed Bautomate to change the way automation is performed.


Bautomate works with your clients' tech stack because it works with the best software for technology and more. Improve your service offering in a natural way that doesn't disrupt what's already working.


Customers are given a one-stop solution for all process-related tasks across departments using a single shell that contains Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Document Management System, and AI ML capabilities.

No Third-Party

The absence of reliance on other parties helps to reduce adverse effects on quality, maintainability, and costs. Complete Homegrown grants us a greater degree of control over the platform, which is essential to the accomplishment of our goals.

We're Here For You.

Working with Bautomate will result in these benefits.

Assembling a committed group of partners from the start. Our interdisciplinary group collaborates closely with you, and we’re always just an email or phone call away.

Working together with our success team will help guarantee your customers make the most of the system. Your suggestions and comments might serve as the foundation for brand new capabilities and enhancements.


Automation for all with Bautomate

Our Partners

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