Intelligent Business Process Automation

Technical and non-technical users can build workflows with prebuilt components using Bautomate’s low-code drag-and-drop modeller. 


Intelligent Business Process Automation – Any Business, Any Process

BPA helps organizations to optimize end-to-end business processes such as HR, accounts payable, document management, IVR, and other processes to meet strategic objectives. Information is exchanged and extracted through various systems requiring database access, APIs, coding, and development support.

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Core Technologies

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

IRPA aims to reposition the organization's core competencies by supporting functions without straining legacy processes. Workforce productivity increases when business processes are automated.

Core Technologies

Machine learning / Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning integrated with business process automation can assist businesses in observing, analyzing, and predicting data. ML can understand data, behavior trends and identify anomalies.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Semantic Analysis

NLP simplifies human-machine interactions by making them natural. Scripts can be created in natural language and be modified to meet new requirements using NLP.

Core Functions

Organizational processes are improved through business process management. The process involves analyzing, modeling, implementing changes, monitoring, and continuously improving a business process to ensure it achieves the desired business outcomes.
With OCR technology, PDF, TIFF and JPEG images can be automatically converted to text-based machine-readable files. OCR technology helps businesses manage unsearchable data more efficiently by converting images and PDFs into searchable formats.
Task completion is crucial for business processes. AI-powered task viewers help teams create and run numerous tasks at once. The intelligent bot provides role-based access to diverse tasks and can identify business issues, trends, and opportunities for quick action.
Bautomate’s easy dynamic form builder automates workflow-based operations. UI forms can be adjusted to meet user needs, and they can monitor several operations, improving overall efficiency.
Bautomate’s dynamic dashboard displays customizable operational metrics. Users can gain better analytical insights and monitor workflow. Smart process overviews allow users to take decisive action for increased operational efficiency.

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