Accelerating Healthcare Processes with Automation

An automated future

Bautomate enables hospitals to automate routine tasks and get ahead of their competitors in the digital age.

Save time with BPA

Whether it's billing, patient and insurance management, healthcare information management, or clinical quality measurement and research, Bautomate automates your everyday operations.

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Bautomate's solution is built on a robust cloud-based system that integrates seamlessly with a hospital's existing IT infrastructure. Our team of experienced professionals and our deep industry knowledge ensures successful deployments.

“Robots will replace 60% of human labor in the next 10 years. We're proud to be on a mission that will liberate humans from mundane tasks so they can focus on what really matters - innovation!”

BPA Application in Healthcare

With the cost of medical care constantly rising, it is important to maximize the efficiency of data entry for better outcomes. Bautomate make your team more efficient, while allowing the doctors to focus on what's important.

Reducing Costs

Elimination of Human Errors

Better Patient Experience

Better Employee Satisfaction

Protect Sensitive Data

Use Cases in Healthcare

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    Frequently asked questions

    An automation solution allows workers to focus on clinically relevant tasks rather than administrative tasks that often fall outside their area of expertise. As a result, automation doesn’t mean laying off workers in an industry as chronically understaffed as healthcare. In fact, studies consistently show that fully automated solutions improve staff satisfaction.

    Healthcare records are received in multiple formats like PDF, email, fax, and images. The patient data is extracted and processed using OCR and AI. Automation is then used to update the information in the EMR system.

    Automating patient scheduling helps synchronise real-time data to display up-to-date appointment availability. Automated workflow and data extraction fast-track the entire process.

    Notification of guidelines for admission and discharge, identifying missing tests and flags high-priority discharge cases by sending reminders of upcoming follow-up appointments.

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