Facilitate Employee Onboarding and Offboarding with HR Automation

In a rapidly expanding business, two things are certain: employees will come and employees will leave. When an employee joins or bids adieu to your organization, he or she wants to ensure that their time is valued and their onboarding/offboarding process runs smoothly and without pain. Although the duties associated with onboarding and offboarding may appear to be an endless checklist focused on paperwork and compliance, research shows that a seamless onboarding process contributes to a variety of factors beyond employees’ ability to speed up quickly. Therefore, HR automation solutions such as Bautomate need to be considered in both processes for seamless operation.

Necessity to Automate the Onboarding/Offboarding Functions?

The onboarding and offboarding of employees creates a tremendous amount of work for your HR team, automation can help streamline these time-consuming and energy-intensive processes. By automating these processes, you might also avoid the risk of missing documents and forgetting tasks related to making the first and last day of your employee a memorable one with automation.

What is Onboarding Automation?

Studies show that even though 88% of organizations do not onboard well, a smooth onboarding process leads to greater employee retention and productivity. The entire process can be completed online by customizing the offer letter and the appointment letter templates. By eliminating the hassle of physical printing, your team will save a lot of time by automating the sending of important employee documents, such as background checks or confidentiality agreements, before the employee’s first day. Your new employee’s personal information is securely stored and encrypted to ensure that only the right people with the right access can view it, keeping your organizational data confidential.

How to Automate the Employee Onboarding Process

You need to track a lot in the onboarding process. Here’s how you can streamline the functions with Bautomate’s HR automation solution

  1. To start with, Onboarding Initiate Process is the start event followed by sending a form to the selected candidate and an offer letter is sent and they’re required to upload the documents in the form.
  2. The next step is the Employee Onboarding Process, where the employee submits the form which has the necessary details and documents needed for onboarding which is later sent to HR for approval.
  3. Appointment letter is sent to the employee through Email Sender and Employee ID is created for onboarding.

What is Offboarding Automation?

Similarly, offboarding employees include all the reverse procedures carried out when onboarding. Monitoring and retrieving all corporate assets from departing employees while maintaining compliance without risk. All this can be done by automating the entire offboarding functions. This saves time and also cuts down on human mistakes and omissions.

How to Automate the Employee Offboarding Process

To achieve a simple employee offboarding, our business model includes two processes.

  • Employee Offboarding (Resignation) Process, using start form HR initiates the resignation process which is then sent to the manager using user tasks.
  • A gateway is then used for decision making or rejection of employee resignation and Employee Offboarding (Exit) Process.
  • An Email Sender is used to notify employees of the status. In the Employee Offboarding (Exit) Process, a time scheduler automatically triggers the end of the notice period of the employee by reading from the datastore which is later notified to the employee using email sender.
  • A gateway checks if the employee has any dues to proceed with the exit form.
  • Employee Revert Process, in the resignation process employees are sent with revert form. From offboard datastore employee data is read to check the status if the employee has already reverted or if it is pending which is further sent to manager for approval and then to HR for review.

Bautomate’s HR Automation solution is user-friendly and helps to streamline and optimize your onboarding and offboarding functions smoothly without any disruptions. With pre-orchestrated workflows, you get to experience an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. In order to manage your employee lifecycle more efficiently, automate your onboarding and offboarding process with bautomate, reach out to us for a demo today!

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