Business Process Automation in Manufacturing

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Key manufacturing

Here’s the list of production domains using automation to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance quality.

Customized Approaches to Achieve Your Goals

BPA can be used in a wide range of manufacturing processes, including assembly, material handling, inspection, testing, and more.

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Bautomate’s intelligent Low-Code Hyperautomation solution can increase your company's operational efficiency by 50%.

Informed decision-making across operations

Better resource deployment and utilization

Accurate and consistent documentation management

Lower production costs and increased productivity

Eliminates repetitive and error-prone processes

Use Cases in Manufacturing

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    Frequently asked questions

    BPA (business process automation) is software for automating repeatable and multi-step business transactions. BPA solutions are more complex than other types of automation and can be connected to multiple enterprise IT systems. They can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization.

    While automation is expected to continue impacting manufacturers, with 34% of the current jobs likely to be automated within the next ten years, a substantial human workforce will still need to work alongside the technology.

    Automation in manufacturing refers to using production management software and robotic tools to manage a factory while manufacturing a product. These tools can assist businesses in performing tasks such as assembly, inspection, inventory management, and production planning.

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