Business Process Automation Trends in Healthcare – 2021

Business Process Automation has the potential to virtually automate any repetitive and manual task that is critical to the operation and processing of healthcare. Increase control and eliminate redundancies to boost organizational development and generate a positive patient experience.

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Implementing Automation In Healthcare:

  • 79% of healthcare providers have a plan to add automation In 2021

BPA Based Industries:

  • BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Healthcare
  • Transport

Global Market Size Of BPA:

  • Global BPA market size in 2020 – 9.8 billion USD
  • Global BPA market size is expected to reach In 2026 – 19.6 billion USD

Opportunities Of BPA in Healthcare Market by region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • APAC
  • Latin America
  • MEA

Based on business Function:

  • Human Resource Automation
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Accounting and Finance Automation
  • Customer Service Support Automation

Based on Organization Size:

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises

Benefits of Automation in the Healthcare Industry:

  • Automated Patient Data Management
  • 65% – physicians feel more overworked
  • 59% – Doctors have more time with patients
  • Automation Helps to Reduce Paper Waste
  • 80% – Technologies replace to the current tasks
  • Reduce Errors and Improve Operating Cost – $17 billion each year
  • 75% – patient lifecycle interactions are virtually handled
  • Health AI applications are predicted (2026) – $150 billion in annual savings

Increased Appointment Turnout:

  • Easy scheduling & send appointment reminders to patients
  • Increased efficiency on appointments by 60%

Without BPA Technology:

  • Manual patient appointments – 88%
  • Colossal revenue losses of up to $150 billion

Digitization of Patient Records:

  • The utilization of robotic process automation will allow you to maintain up-to-date information
  • Accurate patient medical records & treatment history

Improvement in Patient Experience:

  • Shorter wait times for appointments
  • Easy access to their medical records
  • Making online bills easier
  • Automation of notes & records decrease in the odds -hospital death – 15%

Rectifying Spendings On Poor Data:

  • Spend on poorly performed manual tasks – $2.1 Billion a year
  • Health insurance companies spend to rectify the poor data – $6 million to $24 million annually

Global Market Size Of Healthcare:

  • Global healthcare automation market size In 2020 – 30520 million
  • Global healthcare automation market size Is projected to reach – 40880 million by 2026

Challenges that the healthcare industry is experiencing:

  • Poor data integrity
  • Lack of link between the advanced machines
  • Poor collaboration and misaligned workflows
  • Privacy and security issues

Automation could help In Business Transactions:

  • Automation helps In business transactions – $13.3 billion savings annually

Impacts Of RPA In Healthcare Productivity:

  • Impact On Productivity In 2019 – 26%
  • Impact On Productivity In 2021 – 74%

Impacts Of RPA In Healthcare Revenue Growth:

  • Impact On revenue growth In 2019 – 19%
  • Impact On revenue growth In 2021 – 71%

Effectiveness in improving patient care:

  • Simplify patient appointment scheduling
  • Speeding up account settlements
  • Streamlining discharge instructions
  • Effective management of claims
  • Improve treatment cycles

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