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Hardwork is a thing of the past. Automated Workflows makes you work faster, easier, and more consistent!

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    Start building today & save hours from the process


    Ensure a personalized user experience, track and approve requests, and track progress.


    Process form information, verify accuracy, and initiate workflow.


    Managing documents and information, implementing business rules, and integrating existing systems.


    Identify trends and bottlenecks, audit details, share dashboards.

    Automate key business workflows across different teams & processes

    Your Bautomate, Your Playground

    Build the system the way you want to, Save time on everyday tasks, keep the workplace centralized and get to new heights of productivity in a few weeks.

    AI/ML-Powered Platform

    Aids automation by analysing and processing data accurately

    Intelligent Workflow Designer

    A complimentary artefact to seamlessly manage processes

    Dynamic Dashboards & Reports

    Provides real-time information for greater visibility

    Robust Connector & Integration

    Create reliable connections across any ERP/Systems

    Low-code Platform

    Reduce complexity and adapt quickly to manage process

    No 3rd Party Dependencies

    Better agility flexibility and scalability

    Enterprise-Grade Security & Encryption

    Higher compliance and Ensures integrity for sensitive data

    Dynamic Forms & Task Designer

    Design your existing workflows easily and quicker

    Unlimited Automation in a Single Platform

      Kick-Start Your Automation Journey

      Accelerate your journey towards innovation and improve stability at scale with Bautomate's automation solutions

      Applications of other types

      Bautomate's business process automation solution can be applied to any industry

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