Upscale your recruitment process with automation

Today’s organizations are aggressively expanding as the demand for more specialized roles increases. Recruitment managers in these organizations are work loaded with mass hirings and are undergoing the pain of manual recruitment procedures. According to reports, 75% of recruiters who find difficulty in recruiting say there is a skills shortage among candidates for job vacancies.With all these hurdles to a right hire, it becomes imperative to embrace technology and let automation take on the overload of daily manual tasks.

What’s in?

How does HR automation aid in the recruitment process?

HR automation modernizes the traditional hiring processes and enhances the overall workflow such as sourcing, screening, assessing and interviewing to improve the hiring managers productivity and the overall talent profile of an organization. AI enabled automation in the talent acquisition process helps organizations recruit more intelligently and faster throughout the process thereby reducing the time to hire and identify the capable candidates.

Key recruitment areas where automation plays a major role

Automation plays an important role in the key areas of recruitment

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Selection of candidates
  • Resume Parsing
  • JD Matching
  • Assessing candidates
  • Scheduling candidate interviews

How automation is used in the recruitment process?

Hiring leaders and recruiters can take advantage of automation to further their hiring processes.

Let’s look at the key areas of recruitment that can be successfully automated.

1. Sourcing:

With AI powered sourcing, recruiters can create larger and more diverse talent pools in less time and easily find candidates with appropriate skills and experience needed for each role which leads to high quality hires. You can automatically distribute job descriptions to various job sites. Automated matching of job description makes it easy to search for specific skills and experience at scale. Automation can automatically select candidates to filter out those who don’t fit the criteria so the HR managers need not waste time manually filtering applications from inappropriate candidates.

2. Screening:

An effective automation solution can track all applications given by recruiters which helps in qualifying or either disqualifying for the role that the candidate has applied for. It also shows the number of matching jobs and helps in finding the best match of candidates. It saves time for the recruitment team to identify the best talent and directs them to other processes.

3. Scheduling Interviews:

With automation, you can automate the interview scheduling process which enables you to reduce the time consuming tasks such as planning, coordinating, sending on time reminders and approvals. These tools can also send automated alerts so both the parties are available for the interview on time. It also alerts if the interview is postponed or canceled. Automation helps in bringing accuracy to the interview scheduling procedure.

Final Thought

Automation helps the entire recruitment process to be more productive and helps in making fair choices. By minimizing the human intervention in this process, the extent of bias will be minimal, which will streamline the influx of candidates and further organize and structure the hiring process.

At Bautomate, we understand your requirements and provide customized AI enabled HR automation solutions that fit your needs. We aim to upscale your hiring process in no time, eliminate hiring bias, improve cost and efficiency and find quality candidates. Our experts can show you how Bautomate’s HR automation solution can help you modernize the hiring process in your organization.

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