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The Beginning

To succeed in today’s crowded digital world, brands must stand out more than ever. This sparked the idea of using intelligent business automation solutions to solve a problem. We quickly realized, however, that the cost of ownership, as well as integration with third-party solution providers, would impose an additional burden on customers. So we decided to create a low-code platform that provides flexibility, scalability, and seamless home-grown integrators to alleviate the problem. We, as a team at Vinga Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, worked not only for our own success but also to bring ‘Intelligent tool’ to the market to ease your processes and set a faster route to your success too. For more than a decade, SMI Group firms have been pioneering in the IT market rendering diverse technological services and solutions. Vinga Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, based in Trichy (Tamilnadu), was established in 2019 by SMI Group with an objective to assist clients in automating processes with AI-based cognitive solutions across multiple verticals employed by intelligent business process automation (BPA) in a single software system – “The Bautomate”. Making a way for your valuable resources to take up tasks that require human skill and complex decision-making. Prasanna Soundara Pandiyan, CEO / CTO of Vinga has been driving the company with a supportive team to the company’s core values and fastening the phase of attaining the goal unitedly.

The company’s responsibility is to be aware of the clients’ needs so that our product can meet all of their sustainability expectations. There, we developed the digital workplace to set all the processes to an automation system while making it more beneficial by saving both time and cost.

This Cloud-based Bautomate ( is an intelligent hyper-automation platform for streamlining and automating business processes in a variety of industries. The product is integrated with highly efficacious technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies for improving operational efficiency. Bautomate combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management (BPM), Document Management System (DMS), and Contextual Content Extraction to automate business processes.

The Event

Making it all set for the new age customers, Vinga Software Pvt Ltd hosted an event to launch the ‘All-in-one intelligent business automation tool’, Bautomate on 31st August, Tuesday. The event took place at Grand Gardenia Trichy in the presence of Selvaganesh, CEO of SMI, and Nallusamy Annavi, Chief Reservation Supervisor at Indian Railways as the guest of honor, together with all team members, who contributed to the Bautomate’s product development.

Prasanna has been leading the team with his rich expertise in breakthrough technologies to give the best quality SaaS product with a focus on solving business process challenges through intelligent business automation. Introducing the product Prasanna said, “Today’s competitive global markets demand companies to manage complex products, remote employees, and reduced development time. This creates the need for a synchronous intelligent AI-powered automated process and workflows across functions in an enterprise. Real-time visibility is essential for making informed decisions. Tools like Bautomate reduce the chaos and costs of communicating with small to large process implementations, providing a significant competitive advantage for businesses and helping to gain new business and increase profits.”

Subsequent to the product introduction, Rajasekar Jayakumar, Product Manager, Bautomate, unveiled the product’s benefits that help enhance the success and sustainability of the business. He gave an explanation on how processes are automated having invoice processing as an example use case.

Highlighting the Product’s Engineering Ranjith Kumar Murugasamy, Principle Architect, Bautomate said, “ We have developed an Intelligent, cloud-based automation platform, that is built on AI, ML & NLP technologies enables to achieve better operational efficiency.”

Speaking about the history, “Starting as an OCR platform as ‘Docbot’ to extract fields we have shaped it into a sheer all-in-one automation software system to streamline and remove complexity in managing processes.” Ranjith presented the product overview. He went on to say that the platform is entirely adaptable, scalable, and that vertical components can be built to offer more features to help the product stand out in the market.

Ramakrishna Kalahasthi, AVP Sales & Marketing, Bautomate, sees this opportunity as an important step toward expanding the range of intelligent business process automation (Hyperautomation) solutions to the global market. “Companies of all sizes are now keen on reducing operating costs and improving productivity,” he said. It aspires to fully realize the potential of digital transformation in order to increase organizational agility and eliminate silos, thereby driving end-user experience. It’s amazing to see how business process automation has evolved. We are committed to assisting more customers in their digital transformation journey by providing a more flexible, scalable, and affordable solution by eliminating third-party tools.

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Our Passionate Team

The success and our distinctive standards lie in the knowledgeable and dedicated team who work seamlessly together for the company’s goals. As a team, we work to attain our basic and prime objective – automating business processes in an easier way. Allowing clients to leverage its higher productivity, lower operational risks, shorter task response times, better quality and consistency, governance and visibility, employee satisfaction, and return on investment (ROI).

Our multidisciplinary team, who are experts in innovation, took up the project to meet the ever-increasing needs for dynamic preferences and business choices. This event had also paved a way for recognition and appraisals to motivate the team and evoke their inner strengths. On an appreciation note, Mr Prasanna presented awards to team members to motivate and encourage for more.

Here’s What Bautomate Can Do For You

Bautomate is a cloud-based completely home-grown low-code automation platform with the vision of providing the most comprehensive SaaS-based intelligent business process automation solution. Almost all business processes are standardized and automated by Bautomate. By minimizing manual intervention and directing human resources toward productive and innovative tasks, all clerical tasks can be automated. Take up digitalization to eliminate all documentation work while also making it more efficient and error-free. Your employees’ time is well spent, and the system can operate around the clock, even while you sleep. This leads to more accurate projections and increased business opportunities.

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