With our comprehensive automation solution businesses can automate payroll processing & validation to save time and reduce risk of human error

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Faster pre payroll turnaround times

Smoother Payroll Generation

Easy payslip scanning, and accurate data entry

Accurate Record-keeping

Keeps data organized to stay compliant & ready to be audited

Compelling reasons to automate payslip process

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Reduction In Errors By Manual Data Entry

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Decrease In Payroll Leakage

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Reduction In Compliance Risks

Payroll Automation Process

Automatically generate payslips and taxes at regular intervals saving more time and effort

Why Do You Need Bautomate to Automate Your SAP System

Streamlined Approvals

Eliminate manual approval processes with Bautomate's automated approvals & reminders. Get real-time notifications whenever there are changes so that you can stay up to date.

Integrate with 3rd party apps

Our solutions can integrate with other 3rd party apps like accounting software or HR systems, making the payroll operations even more efficient.

Secure & Accurate Data Storage

Rest easy knowing that all of your employee’s payslip data is securely stored in a central repository and can be accessed whenever needed.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Automated payslip saves time and effort on time consuming tasks like tax filing, direct deposit processings, report generations and to calculate withholdings.

    Here are the signs that an organization should change over to an automated one,

    • You don't think how you manage your employees' data is safe
    • Following up on your employees' documentation becomes a challenge
    • The dual taxation regime has resulted in more hours of manual labour

    An automated payslip helps your business to save up to 50% your processing time, keeps your business ahead of compliance reducing risk and controls the payslip cycle with clarity.

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