IVR Testing – How it is done?

IVR has been around for decades. Although there had been some improvements in the past, for the most part, many businesses still use the old-fashioned IVR Software. And it doesn’t fit the fast-paced environment that we live in today.

Hence it has led to less-than-satisfactory user experience, frustration, and loss of sales and/or customers among customers.

But worry not. There is a solution.

IVR testing and integration. And here is how it is done.

IVR Testing Scenario:

When it comes to speech recognition technology, there’s always the chance of glitches, even though the technology itself has come a long way in the last few years. Voice call quality, fraud, call routing, accent, pronunciation, call security, and workflow are all areas that IVR testing can address.


The chance of fraud is ever-present. Especially in the digital world. This is why it is vital to test that the IVR application is not compromised or vulnerable. The IVR application will always verify a caller by asking security questions like date of birth, secret words known only to the user, and other relevant information to verify the caller’s identity.

Call transfer or routing:

Speech recognition can only do so much, and not all caller inquiries or problems can be resolved by an IVR system. When a call needs to be transferred to an agent or a different department, it’s important to test whether it’s going to the right area. For example, credit card payments, and details are security sensitive and need to be handled in the correct area.

Call retry option:

Sometimes a caller is not able to recognize or follow a message or prompt. The IVR system should have the facility to repeat the prompt a predetermined number of times before disconnecting or transferring the caller to an agent.

Accent and pronunciation:

When a caller first interacts with an IVR or speech recognition system, the system should identify accent markers and automatically adjust to the right accent profile.

Correct language:

In this global market, it’s important that IVR automation encompasses a broad selection of languages, and can be tested properly to ensure that they work with all users.

IVR workflow:

In-depth testing is needed for all end flows in the system, and it’s crucial to validate that all prompts are related to the correct flow. All too often a customer is misdirected and ends up hearing prompts unrelated to their initial inquiry.

Looking to automate a specific workflow?

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