HR Automation: Why is it important and how is it beneficial to your business?

If your Human Resource department in your organization doesn’t already implement automation one way or the other, you are way too behind. At the same time, it is critical that we do not let the employees leave behind in a race to be efficient and cost-effective. Digitisation is in fact implementing new technologies and new ways of working, people might require new skills and training to take advantage of it.

Why do you need to automate your HR tasks now?

A report reveals that Only 42 per cent of business processes are automated, and business leaders suffer as a result, spending two full days or 16 hours a week performing manual administrative tasks. More precisely, only 37% of services provided to HR employees are automated and 33% of client issues are automated, compared to 53% for IT services where 93% feel that reducing mundane tasks frees employees to be creative. 82% have difficulty hiring people who have the skills to grow their business hence this is the right time for the HR leaders to automate their workflow.

Why do you need to consider HR automation?

Tedious hiring processes can be modernized by automating the resume downloads, automated matching of resumes to job descriptions and the automated resume parsing.

The Cost of Repetitive Tasks

HR managers say that they spend hours of their week completing basic works manually which means that’s a significant amount of time that could be spent on better work. This doesn’t reduce their productivity but repetitive boring tasks can lead to a lot of mistakes. It’s necessary to eliminate this kind of mundane workload. Hence automating the HR workflow will not only save money and reduce errors, but it will also keep your employees’ higher skilled, healthy and happy.

Keep Your Data Safe and Secured

HR directly handles the most confidential data in your organization, therefore a breakdown in security can make it more disastrous. A lot of HR professionals depend on spreadsheets sent by email which is an extremely precarious practice. But HR automation solutions usually have security considerations that are far more than anything an internal team can create.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Seamless communication, although one of the most fundamental requirements, is an area that most HR leaders struggle with. Automating the HR functions can simplify the candidate screening process effectively. Also, if candidates call HR for inquiries, all pertinent information will be available in a single place for the HR team.

Power of HR Automation

It might be simple to look at HR automation and consider it as a matter of doing less work but it is actually about working better, never should it be underestimated. It is more of giving HR the freedom to concentrate more on the work that matters and also eliminating critical errors. HR automation, if carried out properly, can contribute to increasing your Return On Investment (ROI).

If you would like your HR professionals to grow and give them plenty of time to work on valuable activities, you must need Bautomate, an all in one HR automation solution to ease their time intensive workflow.

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