HR Automation for Modern Manufacturing – Overcome the Skilled Labor Shortfall

To meet industry demand, manufacturing businesses need human resource tools that deliver extensibility and agility to the tasks of every employee. Without the help of HR technology, the labor force could have collapsed without any structure to help it function in an emergency like a pandemic. The HR operations can be rationalized under one platform to manage all the members in an organization.

In this blog, we’ll talk about what we expect in HR technology for the manufacturing sector.

How Does it Fit in With Industry 5.0 Needs for Manufacturing Industry?

Industry 5.0 is really a huge shift to hit the global manufacturing sector since automation. The adoption of Industry 5.0 in the HR operations has the potential to increase the competitiveness, productivity and profitability of the manufacturing business in simplifying all corporate functions while HR is no different. The automation in the HR process involves taking highly repetitive and manual processes and digitizing them, eliminating some or all of the need for human involvement. Although automation is not the only feature of Industry 5.0, it is a crucial element.

Why is HR Automation Important in Industrial Manufacturing?

The manufacturing industry has the widest range of employees amongst all other sectors. Our world is undergoing economic, political and social transformation, while Industry 5.0 is creating a technological revolution that is going to change the future of work for the manufacturing business. This period of increasing uncertainty will require HR to work hard to remain relevant. While Industry 5.0, the major industrial revolution, represents a transformation in how companies approach manufacturing, it is also true that this movement has reduced the need for human resources, in particular through automation. Similarly, data sharing between different systems has significantly increased the effectiveness and decision-making processes associated with people management.

Comprehensive HR automation solutions that helps the Manufacturing industry perform better,

  • Managing Payroll effectively: Manufacturing companies face a complicated payroll process as there are frequent union dues to be deducted and paid, shift bonuses, manual analog overrides to correct errors and timesheet calculations. Bautomate HRA solution makes the payroll processing easier, to manage all these workloads effectively in a single platform.
  • Improve and Track Performance of all the Employees: Typically performance management systems help to compile documentation on poor performance, recognizing outstanding performance, communication and any relevancies. Having all of that information in a single place helps to figure out where people need more training, thereby productivity can be improvised. Our HRM software allows you to track every employee on the floor which increases the performance.
    Based on the structure of the company, our comprehensive HR automation solution helps to track the time and attendance direct to the payroll processing which allows you to monitor hours, overtime and labor as a result simplifying the overall process by automation.
  • Simplify Hour and Labor Tracking: Based on the structure of the company, our comprehensive HR automation solution helps to track the time and attendance direct to the payroll processing which allows you to monitor hours, overtime and labor as a result simplifying the overall process by automation.

How Can You Implement HR Automation in the Manufacturing Sector?

The 2 steps needed to automate HR operations in the manufacturing business includes,

  • Considering HR process in the digital transformation: Although marketing, sales and other operations are already undergoing a digital transformation, it is also important for HR to be included in the manufacturing sector’s business model.
  • Adopting HR automation software to work smarter: HR departments efficiency can be enhanced by automating standard processes and repetitive tasks using an effective HRM software which helps in focusing on complex functions like strategizing and decision making. If you implement an HR automation strategy, you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

How Bautomate HR Automations adds value to the Manufacturing business?

To create the most supportive workplace and promote productivity in the current and post-pandemic environment, a fusion of digital assistance with human expertise supported by state-of-the-art technology is the need of the hour. Using a cloud based unified software for HR activities helps manufacturing businesses stay updated and stay ahead of competitors.

Bautomate is one such software which helps in automating several HR processes such as Talent acquisition, Employee onboarding and performance management, Payroll Management, Leave calculations and approvals, Employee onboarding and offboarding, etc.

We also help in customizing any HR related process tailored to the manufacturing business needs. Our sophisticated platform automates your intensive HR process and advances the productivity of the HR team.

Looking to automate a specific workflow?

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