How to overcome Human Resource burnout with HR Automation?

In addition to everyday work, HR needs to empower the organization to drive innovation, drive change management, coordinations at all levels, hiring and onboarding/offboarding. There are also employee relation issues such as hybrid work optimization, back to office policies, handling decrease in workforce and orchestrating the corporate response to important societal or policy issues.

The seriousness of burnout in the HR function is real and represents a real threat to the ability of organizations to implement their business strategies.

A global research firm surveyed 122 senior HR leaders from firms with more than 1000 employees and enquired on the key challenges to the ability of HR functions to achieve strategic goals and imperatives. The top results were Burnout of HR employees (60%) and insufficient technologies (56%).

Technology enhancements with AI and ML allows for increased self-service for business leaders, sometimes for all employees can greatly improve the day to day work of HR professionals. However HR self service is a component of the overall trend of HR automation, when implemented can go a long way in reducing HR burnout.

Why is there a necessity to automate the HR process?

HR Automation will not just improve the workflow functionality or reduce burnout. It will also eliminate poor procedures or policies. Therefore, prior to introducing a new technology, it is essential to first re-evaluate the procedure in the process of automation. That said, the possibilities for HR automation, therefore the potential reduction in the burnout rate among HR are huge. Simply put, HR managers will reap benefits by making humans do what only humans can do and automating everything else. If your organization is lagging in hiring, onboarding, performance management, etc, automation would be a cost effective solution that needs to be considered.

How does automation ease the recruitment process?

Talent Acquisition remains a key HR functional area for the implementation of automation. In today’s labor market, recruiters are experiencing more stress and pressure than ever before.The standard workflows such as job posting and approval, generating offer letters, sending candidate emails, scheduling interviews can be automated. With successful automation, screening of candidates based on data identifies the attributes of a successful hiring, builds job requests for recruiters, also removes unconscious bias in fields like race, gender, etc.

HR workflows can be automated in various ways

The other HR workflows can also be benefited with HR automation from onboarding to performance management and more. Look at this partial list,

  • Setting up payroll, benefits enrollment and scheduling inductions
  • Simplification of HR forms for exit interviews
  • Handling remote work requisitions, requests on shift change, etc
  • Matching internal employee skills with vacant positions within the organization
  • Collect information on performance management and guide managers and the employees through the stages of the process.

Such automation driven enhancements deliver real benefits for the Human Resource professionals resulting in the reduction of burnout.

How can Bautomate’s HR automation solution unravel the HR burnout?

Bautomate’s automation solution can automate the entire HR workflow thereby easing the burden on employees. It also humanizes the work environment and manages work-related stress, this enables employees to focus on more significant activities that require rational thinking and decision-making.

If you are looking to eliminate the HR burnout for operational success, reach out to our experts for AI based HR automation solutions.

Looking to automate a specific workflow?

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