How Bautomate RPA helps Small Companies to Evolve Market Dynamics

The world of business is in a constant state of flux in an environment that is majorly driven by technological advancements. As a result, smaller companies are constantly playing the catch-up game. The lack of cutting-edge technologies is just one part of the problem. Small businesses often find it very hard to scale when the right time comes. They cannot afford to maintain their operations and businesses at a fixed level. Ups and downs are common. If they upscale, costs and wastage go out of hand, and if they downscale, they lose growth opportunities. This is mostly because most of their business processes depend on traditional sources such as employees, and manual as well as paperwork. Bautomate helps businesses transform themselves by automating their processes and making it easier for them to scale. How? Let’s find out. Bautomate offers RPA, BPM, OCR, and DMS in a single shell. But here right now, we are talking about how RPA helps small businesses adapt to the unpredictable market dynamics and use them as opportunities rather than getting bogged down by them. Here are some outstanding advantages of using an RPA:

  • 25-50% reduction in operational costs.
  • 24 x 7 availability.
  • Unprecedented accuracy and consistency.
  • Improved quality of data analytics and data collection leading to better decision making.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless and cost-effective scaling.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Reconciliation and integration with multiple systems.
  • Easy implementation of organization-wide changes.

RPA stands for robotic process automation. The “robotic” in robotic process automation doesn’t necessarily mean the robots that you see in sci-fi movies or even in assembly-line factories. Robotic in RPA mostly means software bots that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to not just perform your routine business processes, but also learn and adapt according to the changing environments.

Why automate routine and repetitive tasks?

Routine and repetitive tasks are important for your business, for example gathering data from customers and clients, suppliers, employees, and service providers. The good thing is that they can be automated through digital forms, A/V processing, and OCR technologies. If these routine and repetitive tasks are performed manually, you cannot accomplish them more than a limit. For instance, if 20 employees can process 100 documents in an hour, you cannot expect them to process 500 documents in one hour. On the other hand, if you use a robotic automation process tool you can easily scale to 500 from 100 documents, or even 50,000 from 500 documents, with little or no effort.

A real-time robotic process automation example

A small example of how robotic process automation can significantly improve your performance or help your employees save precious time:

Your field operators deal with lots of paperwork. They get acknowledgment receipts. They get bills of payment. They exchange invoices. Since the digitization of information is unavoidable these days, this information is either manually entered into your computers, or it is saved by either scanning the documents using a scanning app on the phone or by simply clicking a photo of the document. There is practically no analysis possible unless the data is saved as text by manually typing the values. What if you could put 500-1000 documents in a pile inside the scanner and the scanner then extracts the necessary values and saves them as text files or directly into a database? With 100% accuracy? You leave all the papers inside the scanner, take care of other responsibilities and within an hour, you have all the information in digital form. Manually, this task would have taken over a week, or even more, in many cases, involving multiple employees. Or better, what if your field operator immediately scans the document with his or her mobile phone and your robotic process automation tool immediately extracts all possible information and saves it in the database?

The various ways Bautomate RPA tools can help your small business

As a small business, your biggest concerns are keeping your costs low, maximizing your leads and sales, augmenting prediction and forecasting accuracy, improving your production quality and operational efficiency, and upscaling and downscaling according to seasonal needs. Bautomate has different technologies to automate divergent tasks and processes. With the help of Bautomate you can achieve the following:

Scalable customer support

During seasonal increases in demand, more customers may seek support from you. AI-powered chatbots can provide most of the answers to your customers, completely eliminating the need to hire new agents or fire them when the demand goes down.

Automatic document processing

Capture documents directly from mobile apps and gather data from all possible touchpoints. Our AI-enabled OCR technology quickly adapts to the dynamics of your paper documents and learns to extract data even from those papers that it hasn’t yet processed.

Drag-and-drop process building

Automate complicated processes like compliance, validation, and system testing through an easy drag-and-drop interface. You can create templates for easier process management and replication.

Better analytics and data-driven decisions

Base your business decisions on data rather than hunches. Since your processes gather data with almost 100% accuracy from different touchpoints, your processes can use this data for analytics and forecasting purposes.

RPA customization and streamlining for unique needs

Bautomate has many off-the-shelf RPA tools that you can use out-of-the-box or with little modifications. For small businesses with unique requirements Bautomate also undertakes RPA customization and consulting to make sure that the business gets the most appropriate process automation environment.

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