How automation can reduce the cost of HR planning

The HR department is rapidly becoming a strategic business partner, playing an active role in the achievement of business objectives. But when the HR processes become bogged down in inefficiency, teams waste a great deal of time and money thus impacting the ROI. For this reason, many businesses are transitioning by investing in HR automation.


Effective HR Planning Process with Automation

Integrate automation into your HR planning process to achieve every money saving opportunity

Predictive Insights

Apart from the importance of HR planning as a priority, it is critical to ensure that you are planning with the best information. One of the greatest advantages of automation is that it enables data collection and storage in a centralized repository. For instance, automated recruitment processes not only will screen resumes to make sure that the best skilled candidates are in line for an interview, it also allows HR professionals to store every resume in a database for future use. Using that data can help HR staff to analyze and improve the HR plans to make sure they are not investing too much time and money in the wrong things.

Make Informed Decisions

Studies reveal HR spends eight hours, a full day of work every week on manual and repetitive tasks which also adds to human errors resulting in the loss of productivity and the cost of using paper documents or spreadsheets to address administrative HR requirements which can be substantial. The entire HR tasks can be automated which frees the HR professionals to use rest of the time to focus on HR planning which helps in supporting staffing needs and labor predictions. This represents significant reductions in human resources costs drastically over time.

Live Feedback Data

Humans can have a tendency to make mistakes when the work is not worthwhile, requires no mental effort or might tend to miss out. On the other hand intelligent automation is designed to complete all works with complete accuracy on time. It collects live feedback from employees who are feeling disconnected or struggling with a particular HR function which might be an onboarding, offboarding or performance evaluation. This feedback data needs to be overlooked as it might alert HR to examine that part of the HR planning process that requires a fix. HR planning can and should in some cases include planning for improvements to HR tasks and processes.

Analyses Employee Trends

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology enables HR departments to experience a customized workflow. It helps match the organization’s current requirements with trending skills. There’s no need to integrate a third party application to source a candidate with the required skills. Automation can enrich the search and provide you with the data about the right candidate at the right time with less effort, thus avoiding the necessity of the iterative follow ups.

What can HR save through HR automation?

Almost any manual process can be rendered faster, cheaper, and more resistant to human error with HR automation. It can save HR department costs, this accounts for HR staffs and time savings as well as improvements in accuracy, the reason is due to the below factors

  • Managing errors can be avoided seamlessly by allowing HR staff to focus only on problem exceptions
  • Human error is ruled out by automating repetitive processes
  • Scheduling and sending mail internally is automated, so the entire process ensures fewer intermittent issues
  • Documents are organized, accessible and traceable throughout the process

Bautomate, Does It Right

Bautomate, an Intelligent Low Code platform allows organizations to do more with less. It helps HR professionals free from cost intensive manual workloads all in a click of a button, thereby reducing the HR departments costs. It is necessary to automate the entire HR workflow which can absolutely help the HR department eliminate costs, to optimize their frequently performed processes.

If you are wondering how Bautomate’s HR Workflow automation solution can aid in empowering your HR department by automating key processes to save you time and money, reach out to our experts today for an effective solution.

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