High Abandonment Call Rate: How to Resolve it

When your customers need information from customer service, what frustrates them the most?

  1. Waiting on hold
  2. Repeating the same information or irrelevant information

Two-thirds (around 63%) of customers report that waiting on hold or explaining the same information to multiple IVR voice is the most frustrating part of customer service. People who call customer service and get put on hold immediately may end the call before they can talk to someone. That being said, we can define call abandonment rate as a metric that calculates the frequency of abandoned calls.

While we are at it, why Call Abandonment rate?

The call abandonment rate is one the most important KPIs for contact centres as it allows you to assess your company’s quality and customer service. High call abandonment rates indicate that customers are not satisfied with the service they received.

Hubspot research shows that customers are impatient, and their patience runs out within 10 minutes. While 12% is the industry standard for acceptable call abandonment, it is becoming more common to see rates as high as 20% with mobile customer support.

Source -Hubspot Research

Statistics published by Hubspot research regarding consumer behaviour of call abandonment rate.

Dropping calls is a common occurrence, but why?

Customers become annoyed when they are asked to repeat their problems and provide personal information to IVR repeatedly. For many reasons, customers may disconnect their phone calls before speaking with IVR. Some of them include –

  • The waiting time to receive a response from an IVR on the interactive voice reply (IVR) queue was long, and no explanation was given by the company.
  • A customer was simultaneously looking for a solution and found it themselves before a live agent could assist.
  • Because of an unpleasant experience they had with an IVR system the last time they called, the caller was not interested.

So, If call abandonment rates are high, what is the solution?

You can handle more calls and offer better customer service by lowering your call abandonment rate. Long wait times can have a negative effect on customer satisfaction and could eventually lead to customer loss. Here is the best part – Bautomate IVR Testing automation tools perform hundreds of test cases and record the performance of the IVR system to provide the best customer experience.

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