Great Myths on HR Process Automation Demystified

HR automation is completely changing the world of human resources. It has been shown to dramatically improve the performance of HR professionals and simplify the hiring process flexibly. Questions are still emerging with respect to the potential impact of automation on human resources. In this blog, we will clarify some of the misconceptions of HR automation and throw some light on the more often complicated truth behind implementing it.


Myth 1: HR Automation will replace humans and put the safety of the job at risk

Automation does not have the capacity to make strategic decisions. It doesn’t replace the sophistication and potential of human thinking. It can reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing staff to focus on critical decision-making that these bots can’t perform which are more crucial for long term business goals. HR Automation in general acts as a source of strength to make HR employees much more productive and concentrate on other crucial non repetitive tasks instead of reducing the number of people required to perform limited work.

Myth 2: The implementation of automation takes a lot of time and hard work

According to the size and scope of the HR function that you want to automate, Bautomate provides low-code options, standard and pre-built workflow automation solutions that can streamline even the most critical tasks built in just days without downtime, minimal business disruption and there’s no need for a dedicated development staff. Integrating automation in your HR workflow is not necessarily overwhelming.

Myth 3: Automation is expensive and cannot be achieved with minimal means

Critical HR processes can be strategically implemented with Low Code options, customizable and easy-to-use options within an accelerated budget. In addition, the return on investment of HR automation solutions usually yields returns even in the short and medium term, reducing costs and reducing your short term overheads for long term gains.

Myth 4: Automation requires additional IT staffs

Cloud-native, Low-code, Optical Character Recognition features help build and host even highly complex automation solutions without the massive costs of hiring new IT staff or building new IT infrastructure. It in fact enhances HR’s skills and capabilities.

Bautomate’s HR Workflow automation solution helps HR leaders reduce the amount of time spent on manual work, freeing the HR team for critical decision making. Our AI powered solutions enable you to perform complex data analytics, leading to more informed business decisions.

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