Process Automation in Education

Automation is fueling the education industry by providing less operating costs, less time, without additional infrastructure. Educational institutes can optimize resources and focus on more critical tasks with improved productivity.

Features of Bautomate’s automated education solution

We deliver comprehensive automation solution for all kind of education institutions with advanced functionalities as

Pain points in educational sector

Moving towards automation to become an efficient and cost-effective educational system

How Bautomate help you in automating the document management process effectively

Role of OCR in educational institutions

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Frequently asked questions

With the help of AI and integration technologies, our automation solutions enable more intelligent conversations through instant resolution of user demands. It's easy to create a dynamic form on your website that captures the key information required to direct potential students to the right resources.

Automation can handle time intensive manual processes in finance and accounting such as database updates, issue payments, verifying receipt, and flagging discrepancies for investigation. It can also help in automating payroll processing, vendor management, etc.

Automation can quickly review admission applications, flag missing documentations, check on the eligibility criterias, and flag borderline cases for review. Our solutions can also send notifications of approvals, determine staffing requirements and calculate room requirements.

When contemplating a digital transformation for a higher education institution, it is critical to examine your needs and requirements. Automation solutions need to work across legacy systems in various locations and should be robust and customizable.

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