Challenges in IVR Systems and how to address them?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been around for decades and has acted as a medium to connect customers with businesses. And it used to be very effective.

But it too has its flaws. Especially in this fast-paced digital world, the traditional IVR System doesn’t have the right tools and features to deliver the results that are expected of it.

But worry not. Every problem has a solution.

And in this blog, we will talk about some of the common challenges that traditional IVR System faces and how you can combat them.

Let’s get into it.

Challenge #1:

High Abandonment Rate:

As an organization, you do not want your customers abandoning the call midway rather than self-serving or waiting to be put through to a human agent.

Yet high abandonment is still a challenge that every organization that uses an IVR System faces. And it can greatly impact their reputation and may result in customers switching to competitors.

How to overcome?

By automating the Intelligent IVR Testing Process, you can gain comprehensive analytics that lets you identify when and where callers are abandoning. Some abandons are to be expected (some users won’t interact with IVR systems or may be distracted while on the phone) – but Intelligent IVR helps you isolate those that occur out of frustration.

Challenge #2:

Insufficient Caller Information

Every business needs customer information when making any business decision. Especially about people who contacted them. Ideally, they want the customer’s history and recent customer service interactions up on their screen before the caller is connected.

In some cases, accurate customer identification will also allow you to employ a proactive messaging strategy. This involves communicating important and relevant information to a customer without them having to navigate through the IVR system.

How to overcome it?

The traditional IVR Systems are not equipped with the right technologies to identify, track and manage caller information. That is why it is essential to update your IVR System to incorporate caller authentication technology.

Challenge #3:

Poor Call Containment:

Call containment helps to identify the percentage of customers who complete their inquiries using self-serve technologies. In other words, it’s the number of callers who complete without needing to speak to a human agent.

If you are struggling with a poor call containment rate, your IVR system isn’t fulfilling one of its principal functions – providing self-serve automation for high-volume inquiries.

How to overcome it?

Testing and updating your IVR System vastly improves the technology capacity for self-serve by allowing for greater integration with other self-service channels.

This allows your IVR system to connect users to Chatbots, online guides, and FAQs. With Phone to Mobile Web services, they can send useful URL links directly to customers’ mobile phones via SMS.

Challenge #4:

Poor IVR Handover:

When it comes to customer support, every agent will handle a certain type of query. And it is your IVR System’s responsibility to connect the customer with the right agent.

After all, what’s the point in investing in telephony routing technology if it doesn’t matter who the customer speaks to as no agent has the answer?

How to overcome it?

Integrating your IVR systems with your CRM and making sure agents get as much information about the customer and their previous inquiries.

IVR Testing Automation:

Other than the above-mentioned challenges there is still a lot more. And to update your IVR System, you will need people with experience in your industry.

That’s where we come in.

At Bautomate, we have experts with the right tools and industry knowledge to build and refine Intelligent IVR systems that automate high-volume inquiries, free-up human agents, and allow you to reduce your customer service expenditure.

Ready to start your automation journey? Our experts are here to be the guide.

Talk with an expert to learn more.

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