Busting Myth – Will Automation take over the Human Element in HR

The Human Resources (HR) function is going through a radical technological-driven functional shift to streamline intimidating operations.

A report reveals that the pandemic and the resulting complicated path to recovery has encouraged HR leaders to familiarize themselves with HR automation solutions in recent times. Another report says, while we can anticipate that up to half of current HR jobs will be replaced by automation, hundreds of millions of new jobs will also be created. This is in response to the competencies needed to manage emerging economies, by increasing technological development.

Preparing for the workforce of the future

The opportunity to work in HR will look in a different approach in the future than it does today. The HR functions most at risk as a result of automation include repeated tasks, data processing and physical labor works. The implication is that data will be managed and used in a variety of ways through HR automation. This data comes from almost all aspects of HR functions, from recruiting to training, which means that human resource professionals will need to know how to use this data for critical decisions such as execution, building strategies, to promote the brand and for business decisions. It will still require experienced HR leaders to direct policy and make decisions best suited for the business that no automation can do.

Will Human in HR be replaced by automation?

The fact is that the automation of HR workflow is meant to facilitate and not replace “Human” resource professionals. As an industry, HR is being streamlined by automation solutions in many positive ways which is a boon for most HR experts.

Harness the power of automation in HR

Automating the HR functions all in one place frees up more time performing repetitive tasks such as candidate screening and assessment in the hiring process, onboarding new hires, offboarding the employees and performance management. Human resource professionals have plenty of ways to harness the automation solution for various functions, deploy and perfect it.

Bautomate, all-in-one solution

Bautomate’s HR automation is an all-in-one solution built specifically for thriving organizations. You can now simplify the entire HR workflows by digitizing all the time consuming tasks with high efficiency so you can focus more on data driven decisions by integrating the tools you use everyday from a single place with Bautomate.

Looking to automate a specific workflow?

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