Bautomate Showcased AI-powered Hyperautomation Solution at ACMEE 2021

An Intelligent Business Process Automation Solution

The show has grown significantly over the years, particularly as India’s industrial industry has progressed technologically and the SME sector has established itself within it. The viewpoint explores visitor psychology to see how exhibitor relationships have changed over time and what visitors expect from ACMEE.

Following the outbreak, trade shows revived, providing new chances for both new and established businesses. The Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers’ Association (AIEMA) sponsored ACMEE 2021, India’s Premier Machine Tools Show, at the Chennai Trade Centre from December 9th to December 13th, 2021. The display highlighted the most recent advances in machine tool technology.

This event was a well-attended platform that brought together manufacturers from many industries. As concerns about sustainability and unpredictability grow, industry CXOs are making big pitches at the event in search of opportunities to discover new ways to improve their digital experience. One such area where digital experience is built is by optimizing their workflows and procedures with AI and ML-powered business process automation software to get products to market faster, make timely payments, and improve processing time, productivity, and ROI.

Bautomate was present in this new industrial expansion setting to exhibit and showcase the Intelligent Hyperautomation Platform to simplify business workflow at Hall B (Mahr Hall), Stall No 58. Bautomate, an intelligent AI and ML-powered hyperautomation low-code platform was created to make business process automation simple.

We also planned to give everyone the chance to see and experience the one-of-a-kind, end-to-end business process automation platform, Bautomate.

The Awaited Moment Was On

Everyone in our team was breathlessly hoping for new beginnings and was thrilled to help with automation for the businesses in need.

Our primary goal was to demonstrate our solutions while also educating visitors and exhibitors. Through our live experience center with prospects that pave the way for new automation opportunities, the event presented a networking platform to interact with new contacts, improve learning chances, and create unforgettable experiences.

When it comes to huge events with lots of vendors, it’s imperative that we create something that stands out from the crowd. Knowing the audience is the first step in designing a trade show booth that wows up the viewer moment. With all that in mind, we set the booth.

We Set The Hive

Creating a character for our brand and that is a Bee-bot. Our creatives were around it – the bee, the honeycomb designs and we placed them everywhere around the stall. The marketing creatives we exhibited showcased with this a high-level understanding of the product.

We created a 15-square-meter exhibit that was well-lit with spectacular lights and ceiling hangings that displayed all of our concepts. Our exhibit showcased significant intelligent process automation technologies, industries we serve, and all that a viewer needs to know about intelligent process automation and its benefits.

A live experience was set to show invoice process automation. We created a workflow that scans an invoice and processes it for payment. This made visitors enter the hive to experience the taste of the honey of Bautomate and attendees also had the opportunity to use the product.

Brochure and Coupons were some of the notable materials that attracted viewers. This was the first line of interaction passage to visitors of our stall. They were public and got the solutions they needed. After visiting the live experience center, making them impressed with our simple low-code hyperautomation platform. Experts made the utmost effort to give the visitors the knowledge of automation.

For additional interaction and brand awareness, customers were encouraged to take photos for social media. A giant bee-bot showing the technology used was on display at the booth backdrop to pop up the show. This standout piece was great for photo ops. Customers were also given a pen as a free complementary and a coupon with a 10% discount one-time setup fee along with a QR code that reaches acmee-event.

Gallery Showcasing Our Work

The first day was an exploration, witnessing the visitors’ viewpoint in different areas in automation. Some came for knowledge, some came for a need. When their need was matched with our product, we took it over. We contacted even exhibitors to give them an understanding of our AI and ML-powered automation product.

On the second day, the momentum of the visitors increased in the mid-day and in the late hours it reduced. Many visitors gained a little intro to the product and wished to meet us with their higher officials. Many asked to drop into their stall.

Day three and four was a weekend that made us busy. Regaining the sense of interest in AI and ML-powered hyperautomation software products, Bautomate through word of mouth there were a good number of revisits happening. There wouldn’t be a better time to get Bautomate in front of such a big bunch of target audiences.

The end day was to follow up on our early visitors. Also, new people came to the stall. The one which made us stand out in the crowd was the Intelligent business process automation software in a group of hardware manufacturing industry exhibits.

Just Before The Door Opens

The aspects that attracted visitors were RPA, Invoice Process Automation, purchase order automation, Procure to Pay automation, and custom process automation to leverage the low-code platform that replaces manual processes with a reduced manual involvement that is both time-saving and cost-effective. The customers’ favorite feature of Bautomate was its ease of connection with their existing systems. They got what they wanted and satisfactorily shared their contacts.

Opportunities come and go, but one of our primary objectives was to help visitors and exhibitors grasp the true value of an intelligent automation platform, which we were able to accomplish. It allowed us to bring back good contacts and prospects who wanted us to help them with their digital transformation.

If you feel you have lost out on experiencing all of the above, make a rapid move for a digital transformation. Let’s discuss, and you may schedule a live demo with one of our specialists right now.

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