Bautomate is accelerating the adoption of intelligent document processing among its retail and manufacturing customers

Bautomate is an intelligent business process automation software designed for enterprises of all sizes.

CHENNAI, MAY 05, 2023 – Bautomate, the company that pioneered cloud-native intelligent business process automation platform, is currently driving its Cognitive Content Extraction or Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) feature with some of the most prominent firms in the retail and industrial spaces. As a result of the company’s growing client traction in the manufacturing and retail supply chain, it has automated the processing of various sorts of incoming documents in order to significantly streamline operations.

Manufacturing and retail supply chain organizations face a persistent challenge in the form of pressures to improve operations by focusing on cost, quality, and delivery of goods. The automation of document processing helps minimize drawbacks such as bottlenecks in the supply chain and restricted inventory at all stages of the process, including planning and the sourcing of raw materials, manufacture, delivery, and returns. Bautomate overcomes these issues by reliably extracting data from documents, cutting down the number of personnel hours allocated to manual data entry, approvals, and improving the efficiency of automated workflows.

Bautomate recognizes form, table, text, handwriting, entity, and PDF knowledge, and provides a high degree of data extraction accuracy. With several data checks performed during the pre-processing stage, firms have been able to lower the entire document processing time by 78% while simultaneously increasing the quality of the data output. Invoices, purchase orders, bills, agreement copies, certifications, supplier data, etc. may all be accepted and properly identified by Bautomate’s AI thanks to the company’s ability to inject domain knowledge into the system.

Unfortunately, 80% of all business data is stored in unstructured formats such as business documents, emails, scanned images, 2D engineering layouts, excel, and PDF documents. “Manual processing of structured and unstructured documents is still prevalent in many industries, which is inefficient and expensive.” says Bautomate’s AVP, Ramakrishna Kalahasthi. Implementing an IDP solution enabled with the end-to-end BPM workflow can enhance operational excellence by integrating with multiple incoming channels, reducing document processing costs, enhancing consistency, reducing error rates, enabling scalable, rapid processing, fostering improved customer and vendor relationships.

With Bautomate, users can orchestrate operations on the fly with no coding skills thanks to the company’s powerful end-to-end low code/ no code portfolio with prebuilt components. What’s holding you back? For more information, visit

About Bautomate:

Bautomate ( is a platform for intelligent business process automation (iBPA) that streamlines and automates the business processes of various industries. The AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and NLP (natural language processing)-powered cloud-based Bautomate enables increased operational efficiency. Bautomate integrates robotic process automation (RPA) with business process management (BPM), Intelligent document management systems (IDMS), and cognitive content extraction to simplify your business practices. Follow us on LinkedIn

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