Assessing Maturity : How Are We Prepared to Address Intelligent Automation?

The major factor to take into account in choosing spots for implementing intelligent automation is an organisational level of automation maturity.

Maturity is vital to understand because people’s capabilities to tackle a project very much affect its risk-and- impact enterprise function.

In other words, perhaps an idea has huge potential, but can the organization pull it off? Does it actually have the experience and skill as well as the resources and foundations in place—to put it in place as an automation solution?

What foundational capabilities already exist? Before making choices among competing project ideas, managers should take time to determine & assess the organization’s current maturity in terms of the intelligent automation implementation.

Uncovering phases of enterprise automation maturity and advice for driving towards autonomous business

1. Foundation (Tools Driven):

Automation at this level is more individually focused, siloed, and with a fragmented set of tools provides point solutions.

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2. Optimise (Process Driven):

Elimination of unnecessary process steps is a necessity for optimization and improvement of the Automation Journey.

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3. Efficient (Robotic Process Automation Driven):

Focus on automating all repetitive tasks quickly wins in automation for establishing and stabilising all the foundational activities that are prerequisites for data-driven and intelligent automation.

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4. Predictive (Data Driven):

Shift the focus from cost reduction to improve efficiency and differentiated experience. The next major step is to derive the insights and intelligence from data to drive automation for business to be agile and predictable.

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5. Intelligent (AI driven):

Allows machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn. AI can take automation beyond merely rule-based work, right into the areas we currently believe always need human judgement.

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Having an automation maturity assessment is extremely useful to a C Level , given that executive’s broad responsibility to apply IT to achieve organizational Business Process Automation goals. From a CIO lens, an enterprise is divided into multiple organizations, such as lines of business, projects, run support, infrastructure, digital, security, and so on. Automation has to be scaled across all these areas. It requires a comprehensive road map to manage this complexity and drive automation at speed and scale. It makes an organization more able to drive automation holistically.

Bautomate is an intelligent hyper automation Framework, Helping Enterprises to reach their automation goal. Are you in the early stages of your Business Process Automation journey, or is it well established within your organisation? Whatever stage you’re at, it is essential to regularly assess capability to make sure you’re making the most of your investment in automation. Be sure you’re benefiting as hoped from automation and plan for continuous improvement.

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