AI-powered automation empowers your AP team to achieve 5X efficiency in processing 1000+ invoices automatically by reducing 80% errors

Eliminating tactical pain enables strategic opportunity to Your AP Process
  • Automated invoice data capture
  • 3-way matching of invoices
  • Real-time insights into monthly recurring revenue
  • Digital invoice approval
Learn how Intelligent Automation from Bautomate can help Retail Industries Streamline Critical Workflow, Improve Productivity, & Control Costs

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    Organizations that Believe in Us

    Parse Document

    Email or Manual upload

    Document Processing

    Converts visuals to characters

    Extract Required data

    Example : Extracts date, name, Line Items

    Auto Invoice Matching

    2/3 way matching with PO, Invoice and GRN

    Workflow Automation

    Automate routing for approvals

    Automate payments and follow-ups

    Automated payment reminders

    Export to Target System

    Any target system with complete audit trial

    Integrate With Any ERP

    SAP, Sales Force Oracle, Etc.

    Maximize visibility, control, and accuracy with automated accounts payable processes

    Unparalleled level of accuracy

    Reduced purchase order cycles

    Boost efficiency to a higher level

    Improved process visibility

    Faster invoice processing

    Complete check over anomalies

    Improve cash flow management

    Real-time insights dashboard

    Time Savings

    AP automation simplifies invoice processing and approval. The entire procedure is automated, so no time is wasted monitoring invoice status. An interactive dashboard provides real-time data with one click, eliminating anomalies.

    Better Visibility

    AP automation simplifies the approval and payment processes. Automation helps control duplicate payments, late payments, and fines. So, management understands accounts payable operations and fixes any anomalies.

    Reduced Costs

    AP automation streamlines data entry, invoice extraction, matching, validation, and verification, reducing operating costs. Document storage, postage, bills, and invoice generation costs are reduced by automation.

    Need help with choosing the right automation for your business needs?

    Case Studies

    Explore the Most Powerful Use Cases in Your Industry

    Automated Loan Processing System


    Reduced approval time for loans


    Reducing repetitive work time

    Automated Sales Quotation System


    Improved proposal efficiency


    Reduction in operational costs

    Automated Purchase Order System


    Reduction in Manual Effort


    Reduction in Cost

    Feedback From Our Happy Customers

    A very creative team that keeps adding new features to simplify the process of automating business expenses helps us stay on top of our accounting system.

    CEO, Logistics & Supply Chain

    Finally, We have improved financial governance by enforcing all business rules through automation. Our AP team productivity has improved due to reduced manual effort.

    CFO, Stock Exchange

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