A European Manufacturer utilized RPA and AI to optimize cash flow within their operations

Our client, a prominent European pharmaceutical manufacturer, has been a stalwart for over four decades. They have a dedicated workforce of over 2000 highly skilled professionals and a distribution network serving multiple countries ensuring a global footprint. With a diverse product portfolio and a strong commitment to quality, our client has positioned them as a trusted partner in the healthcare sector, with a reputation for delivering life-changing pharmaceutical products.

Business Challenges

The European pharma manufacturer faces increasing complexity in their order-to-cash (O2C) cycle due to manual processes in order processing, invoicing, and payment collection. Manual data entry, high error rates, limited visibility, working capital issues, and costly overheads contribute to the complexity and inefficiencies. These challenges affect customer dissatisfaction, decision-making, forecasting, financial stability, and the need for additional resources to manage the O2C cycle effectively.

Bautomate’s Solutions

The pharma manufacturer implemented Bautomate’s intelligent automation platform that combined robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize their order-to-cash cycle. The platform automated order processing, generated and sent invoices, provided real-time tracking and reporting and created seamless workflows between departments. It also equipped AI algorithms for error handling and resolution, reducing manual intervention and improving order accuracy. Bautomate also integrated predictive analytics to forecast cash flow and prioritize collections, reducing delays and accelerating cash flow.



Reduction in order processing time

$1.5 Million

Annual cost savings


Achieved ROI within the first year of implementation


Reduction in invoice errors

Are you ready to transform your business operations and optimize your order to cash cycle?


The successful implementation of Bautomate’s intelligent automation solution brought substantial improvements to our client’s O2C cycle. Looking ahead, there are several areas for further optimization and enhancement which include integration with the supply chain, predictive analytics, regulatory compliance, enhanced customer engagement, and expansion to other processes like procurement and quality control.

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